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Robotics & AI

AR safety systems for motorcycles

Experience the future of motorcycle riding with us. 
Ride better and safer with our augmented reality-based safety system that visualizes safety critical and infotainment information intuitively to the rider.

Aegis Rider started as an ETH Pioneer Fellowship in May 2020 and develops AR based safety systems for motorcycles.  Our goal is to provide a new motorcycle riding experience by intuitively visualization safety relevant and infotainment data. For example, we can visualize the safest trajectory through a curve in real-time, or provide navigation queues to the rider, all without the rider having to refocus their eyes and keeping them on the road. Our eye-tracking system can also guide novice riders where to look, a crucial aspect of safe motorcycle riding. 

We successfully completed and tested our first feature complete prototype in early 2021. 


Aegis Rider AG Dr. Simon Hecker+41762989830simon@aegisrider.com