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Materials & Processes, Digitalisation

AMZ Racing – building electric race cars that challenge technology

Faster, Lighter, Better - Designing an electric race car in a competitive environment such as Formula Student pushes the students to strive for innovation.

Since the Academic Motorsport Club Zurich (AMZ) was founded in 2006 by a group of students of ETH Zurich, we have been building ambitious race cars for the infamous Formula Student competitions where teams from all over the globe meet and challenge each other in various dynamic and static events. The first race cars were powered by combustion engines, but AMZ has been developing electric race cars since the new category was introduced in 2010.

With each iteration more components of the cars have been completely self-developed by the students to go beyond what is commercially available. The electric power unit is now fully custom made, starting with the battery, the powerelectroncis and electric motors. The latest car alvier is equipped with four tenth generation wheel hub motors that each have a power of 39 kW while only weighing 2 kg. The students also use innovative manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing and carbon fibre manufacturing – by hand – to achieve the highest performance scores possible. 

As autonomous vehicles have become more present in both research and everyday life, AMZ has been developing self driving cars since 2017. All algorithms implemented on the autonomous race cars are open source, in the spirit of contributing to the advancement of technology.


AMZ Racing Yann Bernard+41 44 632 94 05yabernar@student.ethz.ch