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Management & Digitalisation

Interactive AI characters for next-gen customer experiences

Revolutionizing the customer experience with intelligent, voice enabled and interactive AI avatars to provide a unique and entertaining experience to visitors, shoppers, and brands.

Animatico combines stylized characters with artificial intelligence and voice control, creating a seamless way of interacting with digital devices in public places. Bringing these interactive stylized characters to life on digital screens will ultimately change the way humans interact with machines. Our characters hear, see and react to the users’ voice, gestures, and expressions with an appropriate verbal, nonverbal, and visual reaction. Our characters retrieve information and guide the users through processes, offering the perfect, immersive customer journey and a revolutionizing user experience in the entertainment, retail, and visitor experience industry.


Pascal Bérard is the CEO and co-founder of Animatico AG. In the context of his PhD at ETH Zurich and Disney Research, Pascal researched the creation of digital doubles with a special focus on eye animation. His work went into blockbuster movies like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Doctor Strang

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