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Humanizing kiosks with interactive avatars

Animatico develops interactive avatars that combine voice and emotional intelligence with animation to humanize the interaction with kiosks systems.

Animatico is an ETH spin-off founded by former ETH Zurich and Disney Research scientists including recipients of the Tech-Oscar. The team has a strong background in the fields of computer graphics, machine learning, and character animation and has the vision of revolutionizing interactive kiosks with animated avatars. 

Interactive kiosks are a booming market with applications in the areas of ticket & food ordering, flight & hotel check-in, tourist information, feedback gathering, visitor management, and many more. These interactive kiosks have slowly but steadily displaced humans with kiosks that lack the friendly, supportive, and intuitive human interaction.

Animatico’s vision is to bring back the personal touch to the customer experience by humanizing kiosk systems with interactive avatars that feature voice, emotional intelligence, and charming character animation.

Animatico’s fully customizable interactive avatars offer easy interaction for first-time users and faster interactions for expert users, while enabling up- and cross-selling. The voice-enabled avatars also offer advantages in terms of hygiene, which is now especially relevant in times of Covid-19.

Animatico’s offering is related to the field of social robots. Compared to these robots, Animatico avatars provide a higher interaction quality, offer more customization and personalization options, and scale much better to high numbers due to the lower cost and lower maintenance compared to physical social robots.

The future that Animatico is envisioning is both: digital and human.


Animatico AG Pascal Bé