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Manufacturing & Materials

Transforming lightweight structures

Our microengineered hybrid fibres are transforming the standard of how we manufacture lightweight polymer composite structures.

Today’s greatest challenge in realizing energy-efficient structures from fibre-reinforced plastics lies in the capacity to manufacture high quality parts quickly and cost-effectively. This limits their availability for high volume production and thus hinders the adaptation of these lightweight materials in large volume markets.

Antefil Composite Tech is a pioneer project at ETH Zurich which will revolutionize high volume composites manufacturing by providing preforms made from glass fibres which are individually clad in a meltable, recyclable plastic. The result are flexible preforms which behave like dry textiles, but already contain all the polymer required for part production, exactly where it is needed. Our approach reduces the cycle time of large scale part production while improving material quality through a guaranteed uniform distribution of fibres and plastic. We enable the use of continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics for largest parts, which can be welded and recycled.

Our mission is to expedite the transition of the global composites industry to a more cost-efficient and sustainable future and to help previously untouched markets adapt advanced lightweight material technology. To achieve these goals, we want to redefine the limits of cycle time and laminate quality encountered in large scale composites production and provide recyclable material preforms for processes currently bound to thermosets.


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