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Health & Nutrition, Digitalisation

Swiss-made 3D Augmented Reality Solutions for Surgeons and Patients

We revolutionize the way Surgeons and Patients communicate visually during consultations through 3D Augmented Reality on mobile devices.

Arbrea Labs, is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Zurich, stemming from the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich. Our world class specialists in AR and AI develop state-of-the-art solutions for plastic surgery, as we strive to improve our surgeons’ consultations and their patients’ experience.

Arbrea Labs offers the number one 3D Augmented Reality Simulation for plastic surgery based purely on a simple iPad. Our mission is to deliver a simple, intuitive, visual way to improve the communication between surgeon and patient. Arbrea’s surgeons save time and convert more patients faster.

With Arbrea’s solutions the patient can see the outcome of an operation live, as if looking into a “magic mirror”. The whole process is centred around the expertise and experience of the surgeon. We provide a visual tool to sculpt the patient’s body and clearly explain potential outcomes. The process takes only seconds and all data stays on the iPad. Full privacy is guaranteed as no data has to be sent to the cloud.


Arbrea Labs AG Endri Dibra+41 78 741 47