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Robotics & Machine Learning

Archlet – advanced sourcing, analytics & scenario optimization

Archlet empowers SMEs and large enterprises across industries to make better sourcing decisions faster with easy-to-use sourcing and negotiation features.

Archlet empowers Procurement to make holistic decisions. By creating an easy to use and intelligent sourcing software, we disrupt the mostly manual and time-consuming approach to strategic sourcing.
With Archlet, strategic sourcing moves from e-mail & Excel to one central platform. Supplier engagement, RFx, tender analytics, scenario optimization, automated supplier feedback and negotiation support. Augmented with AI and machine learning capabilities, all features provide users with actionable insights and recommendations to deliver a truly guided sourcing experience.
The Archlet Sourcing and Sourcing Optimization Apps provide users with the sourcing and negotiation features & functionalities required for a modern Procurement organization. They are designed by users for users – based on the longstanding practical sourcing and software development experience of the team.
Archlet is an official ETH spin-of based on a data science consulting project with ETH Juniors. We combine backgrounds in data science & machine learning with deep hands-on procurement expertise to rethink strategic sourcing. Our data-driven approach to strategic sourcing empowers Procurement teams across the world to make more informed, holistic decisions.



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