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Akademische Raumfahrt Initiative Schweiz

How do rockets fly? Or how do cancer cells behave in artificial gravity? ARIS is a student association researching and developing systems to answer these space-related questions.

Founded in 2017 by students from ETH Zurich, ARIS until today involves more than 300 engineers, scientists and managers devising, building, and testing rockets, engines, CubeSats and autonomous underwater vehicles. set a clear goal for our association: to fly a fully student-researched-and-developed rocket, integrating an advanced rocket structure, a competitive hybrid rocket engine and a novel guided recovery system at Spaceport America Cup (or similar) before the mid 2020s. The team defined a detailed timeline for the first five years of the association paving the way towards this ambitious goal.

At the association’s initiation, however, we made clear that for us this will only be the first milestone on our journey to space: until the end of the decade, we want to fly a student demonstrator to space. This broader approach to space science and engineering is also reflected in our 2021/2022 project portfolio, with our members for the first working on liquid engines, CubeSats as well as autonomous underwater vehicles. As an association “from students for students” we will continue fostering ambitious goal setting and following up on these goals, true to our key values “Inspire. Engage. Build.”