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Robotics & AI

Computer Vision for Reliable Airport Operations

Assaia provides an AI-based software suite that manages and optimizes airside processes for airports, airlines and ground handlers.

Assaia International AG was founded in 2018 by Max Diez, Dr. Nikolay Kobyshev and Dmitry Chugreev with the mission to enable time-efficient, affordable and sustainable air travel for the decades to come. We are deeply rooted within the aviation industry working together with many key stakeholders of the industry. Since its incorporation our company has grown considerably. Next to the founders, more than 35 experts from six countries work for Assaia today.

The system parses the video data from video cameras observing the apron of the airports to deliver real-time data on all the ground handling processes. This information is used to help the airports overcome the capacity crunch by creating actionable alerts and predicting how the next hours in the airport will unfold.

The ApronAI Suite sets the global standard when it comes to AI-based turnaround and airport optimization. Our installed systems automatically detect thousands of events daily everywhere in the world, day and night.


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