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Auxivo - exoskeletons to support industry workers

We develop wearable exoskeletons that support workers executing physically demanding tasks. Our products reduce the workload and ensure the workers' long-term wellbeing.

At Auxivo we are developing wearable exoskeletons that support industry workers executing physically demanding tasks. Our exoskeletons provide support during critical movements to reduce fatigue by making tasks such as lifting heavy objects easier and less harmful. As a result, companies will benefit from increased employee satisfaction, higher productivity, lower health- and injury related costs and higher retention of skilled workers.

Our first product, the Auxivo LiftSuit, is a lightweight (< 0.9kg), textile exoskeleton that supports back and hip muscles when lifting objects from below hip level, or when working in a forward-leaning position. It is designed to reduce workload, muscle fatigue and exhaustion. The LiftSuit is a uniquely versatile system that can provide support anytime and anywhere. As a wearable exoskeleton that is worn like clothes, it can be used in many situations where traditional means, such as cranes or conveyor belts cannot be deployed.

Target users are companies active in baggage handling, logistics, construction, retail, farming, health care, and other professions where workers frequently lift objects or regularly work in a forward leaning position.

The LiftSuit was launched in 2020. Additional exoskeletons are currently being developed and will be available in the coming years.


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