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breathe - An Affordable Ventilator for All

Our goal is to facilitate access to critical care in Low-Resource Settings by providing people with simple, affordable ventilators that are tailored to local needs

We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers, and medical advisors who are developing a low-cost ventilator to meet the unique needs of low-resource settings. The breathe ventilator combines high-quality design and a modern standard of care for emergency and transport ventilators with an affordable price. Its intuitive design and robustness to harsh environmental conditions enable doctors to use it with confidence in any circumstances. The ventilator works by the automated and controlled compression of a standard resuscitator bag and is developed according to the relevant technical and regulatory standards. We carry out rigorous testing with a mechanical lung according to ISO norms and we are working towards medical certification. Our potential customers are hospitals, NGOs and governments, who want to increase the capacity of local healthcare systems in a sustainable way.

Further, in collaboration with our medical partners, we focus on safe patient care and capacity building by integrating the ventilator in an online training platform to promote knowledge in low-resource settings and make the use of our ventilator more accessible. The online training platform will provide training material on both medical and technical topics directly related to the use of our ventilator and promote exchange and collaboration between medical and technical professionals located in LMICs, Switzerland, and the rest of the world. This can directly engage local actors in the device’s life cycle, increase ownership, and promote the long-term, sustainable use of the device.