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CareerLunch – meet top employers informally

We help top employers like Microsoft, Accenture, and PwC attract the talents that best fit their company culture and values.

  • At CareerLunch, we inspire remarkable careers through authentic connections. 
  • On students and graduates can apply for a lunch with an employee from one of our partner companies, such as Microsoft, PwC, Deloitte or Julius Bär. When accepted, they will meet in a small group (1 employee + 1 to 3 talents) directly at the workplace of the employee or virtually via a video call, for an informal lunch chat. The application is free, no CV or Cover Letter required.
  • For talents, CareerLunch is a way to meet employers informally and learn about career opportunities, company culture and potential future colleagues authentically. For employers, it is an organic way to identify the best future workers, enhance their brand, and to develop real relationships that will culminate in successful hires.
  • “At PwC, we enjoy meeting talents through CareerLunch and discussing with them our career opportunities,” says Janet Batek, Employer Branding Manager at PwC.  “The initiative allows us to show who we are, give firsthand insights into our various teams and of course also hire talents for different positions. Our employees also really appreciate the possibility to informally get to know their potential new team members. ”
  • “CareerLunch inspired me to apply for a position at the company where I work now”, says Katarina Popovic, Junior Tax Consultant at EY. 
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