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CareerLunch - Top talents for top employers

Top talents for top employers - Qualified candidates get to meet with employees informally

The CareerLunch platform brings job seekers and company employees together for a virtual or in-person informal lunch. Job seekers get to know companies and their culture more authentically, whereas employers can establish personal connections with top candidates while increasing their talent pool. In traditional recruiting, it’s challenging to assess whether potential employees fit the company culture, and it’s difficult to give them a glimpse of their potential future work and colleagues. CareerLunch is therefore designed to give both sides more authentic opportunities to get to know each other. CareerLunch launched in 2019 with a dozen employers at three of Switzerland’s largest universities. In less than a year, the startup expanded its services to Austria and Germany, and today it already counts a significant number of top international employers among its clients. For companies, CareerLunch provides a scalable solution to find outstanding candidates by creating personal connections between potential new hires and existing employees. For job seekers, CareerLunch provides an informal way to meet potential future colleagues and learn about potential roles and company culture.


Simon Hofer, CEO & Co-Founder

CareerLunch AG Simon