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Health & Nutrition, Digitalisation

Competence Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science

We foster need-​driven and human-​centered solutions to prevent, alleviate or compensate for movement impairments to support affected individuals, the healthcare system and the society as a whole.

The Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC) is an interdisciplinary network integrating the multidisciplinary expertise to develop a holistic approach towards the comprehensive management of movement impairments. Our mission is to make the environment and our society more inclusive in general.

We foster the transition from the current focal, short-​term interventions and insights of a fragmented rehabilitation system to long-​term solutions offering personalised prevention and prediction, earliest possible and continuous therapeutic treatment, assistance in the home and work environments.

The RESC builds on, coordinates and strengthens the ETH Rehabilitation Initiative, by:

  • linking existing and novel professorships and their groups
  • promoting exchange and interdisciplinary research
  • establishing contemporary education programmes
  • facilitating knowledge transfer to address overarching social issues

Clinical competence is provided by collaborating hospitals, and complemented by a Partnership Council representing various stakeholders, most importantly end-​users, as well as caregivers, insurances and health politicians.

The University Hospitals of Zurich act as main academic clinical partners, capitalising on proximity, existing collaborations, and highly successful history in the area of rehabilitation science and engineering.

The RESC was founded in January 2020.



Competence Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC) Dr. Oliver Stoller+41 44 510 72 37info@resc.ethz.ch