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Working together towards an inclusive society

We are on a mission to shape a holistic approach to rehabilitation, and to make our society more inclusive of people living with physical disabilities.

Globally, a third of our society is estimated to live with a health condition that can be improved with rehabilitation. This worldwide need for rehabilitation is expected to increase due to environmental change and the demographic population shift. With its strategic focus on health and medicine, ETH Zurich strengthens its contribution to the healthcare system. The Rehab Initiative, which evolved from the success of the first CYBATHLON, is a key pillar. The Initiative provides the impetus to push Switzerland to the forefront of shaping the future of rehabilitation and works towards an inclusive society. 

ETH Zurich established the Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC) to implement the vision and mission of the Rehab Initiative, based on a nexus of expertise from academia, hospitals, industry, government, healthcare, and disability organisations. The Competence Centre links existing with novel professorships, promotes interdisciplinary research, education and knowledge transfer to address overarching technical, medical, economic, and environmental questions for a more inclusive society. 

Its mission is to improve the quality of life and participation of people living with physical disabilities and patients with chronic movement impairments. The scope of the Rehab Initiative encompasses  a holistic approach ranging from prevention, therapy, and assistance to inclusion. 


Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC) Dr. Oliver Stoller, Executive Director+41 44 510 72