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Project-Based Learning

The new Project-based Learning center of the Dept. of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET) is promoting Industrial collaborations in several areas.

The center has been established in January 2020 in the department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. The main aim of the PBL Center is to streamline a wide range of activities at department level, including the collaboration with industry. The center will reflect the wide and interdisciplinary nature of the D-ITET research groups (from the quantum scale (“electrons”) to full networks).  The center will primarily focus on creating, promoting and providing education and courses with projects and hands-​​on practice for students. Moreover, the center will promote and provide industry collaborations as well, supporting and developing projects proposed and in collaboration with industrial partners. University-industry collaboration is emerging as a critical component of the innovation process and the PBL can be an opportunity for Industry partners to promote innovation supporting projects and programs for students that they will be the next generation of the industrial engineers. Some example of industrial collaboration are on the area of smart and self-sustaining sensors, autonomous drones, indoor and outdoor localization, biomedical and wearable devices, machine learning on embedded systems, conditioning monitoring for industrial applications, wireless sensors networks,  energy efficient systems and many others that can also be proposed by industrial partners exploiting the interdisciplinarity provided by the department. 


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Dr. Michele Magno, Head of the D-ITET Center for Project-based Learning.

D-ITET Center for Projects-Based Learning (PBL) Dr. Michele Magno+41 44 632 66