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Advanced PCR diagnostics within minutes

Bringing the power of molecular diagnostics to every doctor’s studio, thanks to our new “rapid PCR test” that delivers high-quality results in a short time (< 30 min) and at an affordable cost.

Diaxxo has developed an affordable and accurate “Rapid PCR test” with the goal of making advanced DNA analysis available in Point-of-Care and Resource-Limited settings. Our technology allows even inexperienced users to rapidly go from “swab-to-results” and it relies on room-temperature, non-toxic chemicals that can be stored and handled even at tropical conditions. In the past year we have developed test cartridges for Covid-19, Sexually-Transmitted-Infections, Dengue, Malaria and other tropical diseases, thanks also to our strong collaboration with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). Recently our technology has been implemented for a large-scale Schistosomiasis testing campaign in Zanzibar, where our devices and test cartridges are used for the screening of more than 10’000 children in mobile laboratories arranged in schools across the island. Moreover, in the context of the BRCCH-EDCTP Collaboration Initiative 2020, devices and test cartridges for more than 2’000 patients have been recently delivered to seven different laboratories in Africa for the detection of Covid-19.


Diaxxo AG Dr. Michele