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Robotics & AI

DroGone – Autonomously Catching Drones

Airports, Prisons, Power Plants – critical airspace is being threatened by drones. DroGone uses state of the art software, hardware and sensors to catch intrusive drones and ensure safety.

DroGone aims to mitigate the threat posed by identified intrusive drones by means of an autonomous drone-catching drone. Our system, based on the latest sensor technologies and algorithms developed at ETH Zurich, approaches the area where a drone has been detected and deploys its onboard computer, sensors, and catching mechanism to autonomously retrieve the identified threat. 

The robust catching-mechanism enables the neutralization of threats without causing meaningful damage to the target or collateral damage through falling debris. 

As safety and secure operation are our primary concern, the human operator is always kept in the loop. Only upon confirmation of the operator the system is deployed, and the operator is given the option to abort the catch process at any time. Meanwhile an intuitive user interface offers an overview of the system’s vital signs and live visual feedback about the mission status. 

Our solution can be integrated with already existing, ground based drone detection systems to allow for seamless deployment and fully autonomous drone retrieval.


Jonathan Becker was part of the initial team developing DroGone as a focus project at the ETH ASL. With a background in mechanical engineering and a fascination for aviation he supervised the design process of the drone and has since developed key technologies enabling agile target tracking and following.

DroGone Jonathan Becker +41 78 745 41