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Energy & Construction

DuraMon – Structural health corrosion monitoring solution

To build and maintain smarter, cost-effective, safer, and more sustainably

Reinforced concrete is the most used building material worldwide (e.g., tunnels, garages, bridges, etc.). Most of these structures are or will be suffering from corrosion and will need to be repaired to continue operating safely. The lack of reliable methods to determine the structure’s health often leads to hasty repairs, resulting in unnecessary repair costs (about CHF 4 billion/year in Switzerland and expected to markedly increase in all industrialized countries) and concrete production (responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions).

The industry’s response to these challenges results in new construction and repair methods (e.g., predictive maintenance) that allow safely extending the lifetime of concrete structures (costs reduction, safety increase) and decreasing carbon footprint. The safe and successful application of these methods requires their implementation with a monitoring and forecasting system of the concrete’s relevant parameters.

DuraMon’s solution consists of a set of wireless sensors (IoT) that are embedded in concrete structures and monitors simultaneously all relevant parameters related to corrosion. DuraMon’s software analysis of the sensors’ data provides reliable corrosion diagnosis and forecast, together with a recommendation on where and when actions should be taken (e.g., repair urgency). This is the only system that offers reliable asset monitoring and allows efficient and durable maintenance.


DuraMon GmbH Yurena Seguí