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ReMaP: Renewable Management and Real-Time Control Platform

The ReMaP platform allows to analyze the implications of the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources by developing and validating new control concepts and components.

The integration of high shares of fluctuating renewable energy sources and the transformation of consumers into prosumers are significant challenges for future energy systems. In distribution grids, significant impacts like overloading of grid components might occur. To prevent or delay grid infrastructure upgrades and to improve system safety, stability, and power quality, a thorough understanding of the future energy system is crucial.

There is thus a clear need for a research platform that allows testing the combination and interaction of energy technologies and carriers; the interaction between the distribution system, buildings, and mobility; and educating students and experts in renewable energy technologies and decentralized energy systems in a close-to-reality setting.

The flagship project ReMaP develops a flexible, hardware- and software-based research platform for assessing energy-system solutions for the neighborhood of the future. ReMaP enables the testing, analysis, and optimization of multi-energy systems on the distribution level, fosters the collaboration of multi-disciplinary research teams from academia and industry, and provides a control and communication infrastructure for the joint operation of the ESI platform at PSI and the NEST, move, and ehub platforms at Empa.

ReMaP is a collaboration of ETH Zurich, Empa, PSI, smart grid solutions, Adaptricity, Supercomputing Systems, and National Instruments.


ETH Zurich, Energy Science Center, Sonnegsstrasse 28, 8006 Zurich

ReMaP – Energy Science Center (ESC) Dr. Gianfranco Guidati, Project Manager ReMaP076 802 99 58gianfranco.guidati@esc.ethz.ch