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Energy & Construction, Sustainability

Energy Science Center

The Energy Science Center, a competence center at ETH Zurich, promotes cross-cutting, inter-departmental and interdisciplinary research projects.

The Energy Science Center takes a proactive role in energy research at ETH Zurich in order to promote cross-cutting, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary research projects. The following four research projects are currently coordinated by the ESC: ReMaP, Nexus-e, SWEET-PATHFNDR and SWEET-CROSS.

The ReMaP platform analyzes the implications of the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources by developing and validating new control concepts and components. 

Nexus-e is an interconnected energy system modeling platform which aims to facilitate the energy transition in Switzerland by serving as a modeling infrastructure for researchers, students, and industry partners. With Nexus-e, we analyze the impact of technological, economic, regulatory, and societal developments for the Swiss energy system.

PATHFNDR develops and analyzes transition pathways for renewable energy integration in Switzerland. The project will deliver feasible pathways, provide planning and operation tools, develop pilot and demonstration projects, identify new business opportunities and innovation strategies, and analyze potential policies.

In CROSS we collect, publish and – to a certain extent – coordinate assumptions, models and results within the SWEET consortia. This facilitates collaboration among SWEET consortia, communication with different stakeholders, and improves transparency and reproducibility of the results.


Energy Science Center (ESC) Dr. Christian