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Digitalisation, Energy & Construction

Nexus-e: Integrated Energy Systems Modelling Platform

Can renewables replace nuclear power? Will energy solutions be centralized or distributed? Nexus-e applies a holistic view of the Swiss energy system for questions like these.

The decision to realize the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 has wide-ranging implications for the entire energy-economic system. Models can enable system thinking. However, combining interdisciplinary models is complex and research on modelling the interactions between different components of the system is limited. 

The Nexus-e project aims to fill this gap. The project is an initiative of the Energy Science Center of ETH Zurich and started in 2014. Nexus-e is an integrated platform that links modules through well-defined interfaces to analyze the future developments of the energy system holistically. Nexus-e combines bottom-up and top-down modeling approaches to represent a much broader scope of the energy-economic system. Currently, we use the Nexus-e platform to analyze the role of centralized and distributed energy technologies in Switzerland and how they would impact the traditional operation of the system. We represent a wide spectrum of current and novel energy technologies. Further, we assess the impacts of investment in these technologies on the electricity market, and grid security, and the wider economy.

In the future, we aim to expand the Nexus-e platform by connecting more groups and researchers at ETH Zurich, collaborating with other universities and industry partners, and adding new modules to the platform, for example, to include the electrification of the transportation and building sectors.


Marius Schwarz