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Robotics & AI

ETH AI Center

The ETH AI Center will lead the way towards trustworthy, accessible, and inclusive AI systems for the benefit of society.

As ETH’s central hub for artificial intelligence, the ETH AI Center brings together researchers of AI foundations, applications, and implications across all departments. We foster research excellence, industry innovation, and AI entrepreneurship to promote trustworthy, accessible, and inclusive AI systems. 

As of June 2021, the ETH AI Center is comprised of 88 Professors (26 Core Faculty + 62 Associated Faculty). The Center spans all 16 departments of ETH Zurich and also comprises three external professors (2 x University of Zurich and 1 x University of St.Gallen) that have close ties to ETH & a strong thematic fit.

We are open for industry collaborations and look forward to seeing you at the ETH Industry Day 2021!


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Executive Director

ETH AI Center PD. Dr. Alexander