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Feasibility Lab – the ETH catalyst for engineering ideas

We validate early engineering ideas from Swiss industry in ultra-fast and agile feasibility projects. We allow you to tap into the ETH brain pool to put your idea to the test.

The Feasibility Lab is ETH’s go-to address for minimum viable prototyping. Our goal is to evaluate the feasibility and real-world impact of your idea at an early stage and help you decide if it is worth pursuing. We are available to stakeholders from research and industry with a need for innovation, de-risking of ideas and prototypes. Our hackathons, 3-month and 6-month projects are run by excellent ETH students with close coaching and support of experienced engineers. Get in touch for conditions and membership.

Here are some examples of completed projects (see pictures above)

Sustainability – Recycling of selfcare injectors

Autoinjectors for self-administration of medicines currently end up in the residential waste after one-time use. Our client wanted to find a scalable recycling method for disassembly and material separation. We found a mechanical weak spot in different injector systems and used it to build a automated disassembly prototype system.

Automation – Minimal robot for repetitive laboratory tasks

Many laboratories use analytic devices that require a lot of manual steps, e.g. for (un)loading samples. Our client wanted to automate the operation of a spectrometer to enable the mass analysis of medical compound candidates. We build a simple, retrofittable robot system based on a 3D printer frame to operate the spectrometer. It allows for fully automated analysis of dozens of samples overnight.

CovMass – Automated PCR testing for ETH students & staff

CovMass was setup as a collaborative project to enable mass testing at ETH. We contributed our solution-driven engineering skills to develop, manufacture and deploy systems for automated test-kit distribution and collection within weeks.


Stephan Fox has co-founded the Feasibility Lab 2019 and has been heading it since. His main interests include user-centered product development and med tech. In his past 8 years at ETH he has acquired and managed dozens of industry projects and coached in excess of 100 student theses.

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