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Health & Food

ETH4D – Technologies for Global Health

We foster technological innovation that effectively addresses global challenges and we educate the next generation of leaders in sustainable development.

Despite unprecedented progress, about one billion people still live on less than two dollars a day. At the same time, technological progress offers extraordinary opportunities to improve the lives of people in low-income settings. ETH for Development (ETH4D) works with industry, NGOs, and governments to foster technological innovation that advances global sustainable development. We provide bi-annual Research Challenge Grants for collaborative research projects between ETH scientists and companies that aim to effectively address global challenges. 

At our booth, two ETH4D members show examples of innovative technologies for global health. The project “breathe” is developing a low-cost, holistically designed ventilator that meets the unique needs of developing countries. The ETH start-up diaxxo has developed “peakPCR”, a fast and portable PCR testing device that can test for illnesses such as malaria and COVID-19.

In addition, ETH4D responds to the growing need of industry for well-trained engineers that can take on the global challenges of our times. This is why we are committed to educating the next generation of leaders in sustainable development both in Switzerland and in low-income countries. Together with Ashesi University in Ghana and several industry partners, we have developed a master’s programme in Mechatronic Engineering that provides collaboration opportunities for interested companies.


ETH for Development (ETH4D) Dr. Adina Rom+41 44 633 85 65adina.rom@nadel.ethz.ch