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Processes & Electronics

ETH JUNIORS - Knowledge transfer from research to industry

Analyse, Optimise, Innovate – Core skills embodied and applied daily by each student at ETH. As ETH juniors, we bring these skills into your business to foster innovation.

Since our establishment in 1997, we have been acting as a link between academia and the industry. By conducting projects in various fields, we transfer cutting-edge technology and knowledge into the business world. Through our employee leasing service, our industrial partners can bring in students with specific expertise into their internal projects teams. Our campus recruiting service further enables companies to present themselves as attractive employer and gain access to talented graduates.  

We support companies by offering projects in the following six areas: process digitalisation, IT, engineering, market research, innovation and sustainability. We elaborate on optimisation and digitalisation potential by analysing and improving existing processes. Further, we develop PoCs for new business fields and conceptualise creative ideas through innovation workshops to tackle current challenges. 

Our employee leasing service quickly provides companies with candidates to support them in internal projects with in-depth, state-of-the-art expertise. Additionally, these candidates can be hired permanently after an engagement of three months. 

At the campus interview, companies have the chance to interview graduates from ETH Zurich and other Swiss universities, which they previously selected from over 1000 students. Register now to meet your future talents on the 29th of October 2021. 


Project Manager

ETH Juniors Richard von der Horst+41 79 905 54