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Projects with talents from ETH Zurich

Through its proximity to students of ETH Zurich and several years of experience, ETH juniors has established itself as an ideal gateway between academy and industry.

ETH juniors is the student-led, technical consultancy of ETH Zurich – a company that is managed by 10 motivated students. We see ourselves as the bridge between theory and practice – we speed up the transfer of know-how from Swiss universities to various companies in the industry. We strive to find professional and innovative solutions for our customers while working in highly qualified teams. Our core competencies are in the areas of digitalization, IT, market research and innovation. Our employees, students and graduates, are independent, highly motivated and strive to distinguish themselves through excellent work. The main services that we offer are project outsourcing and employee lease. We are looking forward to presenting these fields in more detail!


ETH juniors Antonia Mateescu 044 632 66 38