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MTC - Driving innovation for the media of tomorrow

The MTC combines the best of academia and industry to drive the forefront of technological innovation for the media of tomorrow.

Founded in 2019 as part of the ETH Media Tech Initiative, we provide a platform to work on technological innovations at the intersection of media technology, digital journalism, and design. A network of researchers and practitioners are working on an exciting range of projects and prototypes.

How can we make interaction with machines more natural?

Voice assistants are gaining importance as a human-computer interface in our lives. We are building the very first voice assistant that can speak different Swiss German dialects! Our prototype talks fluently „Bärndütsch” and we are currently expanding the range of dialects. In addition, we are collecting data which will be the most extensive publicly available data set of Swiss German recordings with aligned text.

How will media consumption look like in a mixed reality world?

Smart glasses and mixed reality (MR) headsets provide radical new ways of media consumption. Embedding media into the real world allows for new immersive and hands-free experiences that overlay information in a context- and location-aware way. We are building a future vision of an augmented Paradeplatz in Zurich, along with a content creation pipeline that allows everyone to create rich MR content on Paradeplatz.

Our center is supported by the media companies Ringier, TX Group, SRG SSR, NZZ, Verband Schweizer Medien, viscom and the ETH Zurich Foundation. We are still open to expand our partnerships.


ETH Media Technology Center Dr. Severin Klingler+41 44 632 61