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Inspired by the best - ETH School for Continuing Education

Inspired by the best: Continuing education at ETH Zurich promotes success in the workplace and will foster your personal career.

In the development of new continuing education offers ETH Zurich is in close contact with representatives in industry. Many of our alumni assume leading positions in business, government and society. Academically trained specialists and managers have access to a wide range of continuing education programmes at ETH Zurich. These range from MAS, DAS and CAS programmes to short continuing education courses, and focus on areas of technology, science, engineering, the humanities, the social sciences and politics.
Examples of selected continuing education offers:
– MAS ETH in Applied Technology: The MAS provides managers with a deeper understanding of the science and technology impacting the future of industry along with the technology based innovation skills they need in order to take on greater leadership roles in their technology company or industry.
– ETH Sabbatical | CAS ETH in Advanced Materials and Processes: Customised continuing education for technical specialist professionals in Advanced Materials and Processes

You can find more information about the above as well as all other continuing education offers on our website


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