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Materials & Processes, Health & Nutrition, Digitalisation, Energy & Construction

Empower tomorrow’s Innovators & Makers

By joining our expert network, you have a chance to help ETH students realise their project ideas and develop the maker & innovator mindset.

The ETH Student Project House is an initiative of Rector Prof. Dr. Sarah Springman, open to all students, who wish to learn in practice how to identify a need, design a solution and test a hypothesis with real prototypes. Students get support to realize their ideas and projects, in their own time and regardless of their courses of study. Our aim is to inspire and empower them to cultivate the maker and innovator mindset for their future, be it as an employee or entrepreneur. 

In the process, they receive support from experienced mentors, have access to trainings, a co-working space and a Makerspace equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters as well as many other tools to build prototypes. Furthermore, they receive initial funding to test their idea. Since the opening in 2016, more than 1’500 students from 16 different disciplines have been part of the initiative.

Often so, such projects are reaching a complexity, where subject matter experts’ knowledge is essential for the idea to progress. As such, we would like to offer students a possibility to connect with experts, who are open to share their advice, experience and point in the possible direction. 

If joining the Expert Network of ETH Student Project House in the future triggered your attention, please reach out to us. We would be happy to explore the possibilities with you or your colleagues. We are looking forward to connecting with you.


ETH Student Project House Dr. Lucie Rejman044 633 29 21lucie.rejman@sph.ethz.ch