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Future Money: From Design to Economics

We analyze potential new forms of money from a technical and economic perspective, and present the “eFranc”, a new non-interest-bearing digital form of the legal tender available to the public.

The Chair of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy (Prof. Gersbach) and the Distributed Computing Group (Prof. Wattenhofer) at ETH Zurich collaborate, with the support of the ETH Risk Center, to analyze the existing monetary architecture with its predominant role of cash and bank deposits and explore potential developments by examining the economic and technical foundations of digital currencies, both publicly and privately issued.

We are particularly interested in sharing knowledge with the public and promoting the exchange among scholars and policymakers. In this respect, we host the ETH Workshop “Future Money: From Design to Economics” on September 3 and 4, 2020, which is the first ETH workshop discussing potential new forms of money from a technical as well as economic perspective. Among others, the research groups of Prof. Gersbach and Prof. Wattenhofer share their latest insights on the economic consequences of central bank digital currencies and present their policy proposal “eFranc”, which provides a way for the introduction of a decentralized central bank digital currency in Switzerland.

Further information on the ETH Risk Center workshop can be found on our website


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