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One by one - Functional Single-cell Analysis

We focus on developing technologies to measure cellular functionality, decipher the mechanism behind their functionality, and exploit said functionality on the individual cell level.

The deciphering of the dynamic processes at the single-cell level is critical to describe, understand, and exploit the fundamental mechanisms underlying immunity, develop new and improved strategies for vaccination and cancer immunotherapy, and diagnose, improve, and unravel novel strategies to combat inflammatory, autoimmune and infectious diseases. Thus, our research focuses on developing novel analytical strategies to measure and understand the functionalities of individual cells within the context of complex cellular systems, such as the immune system in health and its responses to disease. We aim to advance analysis from expression to function (secretion/presentation, concentration, kinetics), and to measure, understand and exploit the function of individual cells in a response/tissue/organism. Currently, our group’s research focuses on gathering knowledge to advance the understanding of vaccine-mediated protection and finding novel diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic strategies in various immune-related diseases and syndromes. In our vision, the functions of individual cells, present in varying frequencies and degrees of activity, are crucial in disease, health, and therapy.


Functional Immune Repertoire Analysis Eyer Klaus+41 44 633 74 57klaus.eyer@pharma.ethz.ch