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Health & Food, Sustainability

Global Food Systems: Novel approaches to certification, monitoring, and traceability

Innovative and data-driven approaches to monitoring in global food systems will be required to maintain consumers’ trust in certified products and the sustainability claims of companies and governments.

The Food System Economics and Policy Group, chaired by Prof. Eva-​Marie Meemken, conducts applied research that contributes to a better understanding of how to promote sustainability goals in global food systems. A special focus lies on the analysis of policies and institutional arrangements (such as contracts and standards) and their role in poverty reduction, decent employment, gender equality, and food and nutrition security in lower-​income countries. Our research considers and features diverse actors within food systems (such as farmers, workers, cooperatives, and companies) engaged in primary agricultural production and beyond (e.g., food processing and food services).


Food Systems Economics and Policy Group Eva-Marie Meemkenemeemken@ethz.ch