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Processes & Electronics

Goold AG - Innovative and light-weight gold alloys - Gold. Again. Better!

Goold AG designs innovative gold alloys, by combining gold with low density materials. Our alloys, furthermore, can be easily recycled.

According to a recent report from WWF, the extraction of gold is associated to production of high amounts of waste rock, to high emissions of carbon dioxide and mercury and to a wide range of further environmental problems. Therefore, strategies that help establishing a circular economy of gold are being explored and are strongly encouraged.

At Goold AG, we create light-weight alloys that have unprecedented physical properties, with applications in the jewellery, watches, and electronic sector. Our innovative materials are five times lighter than traditional gold alloys at identical carat purity, while keeping the unique shininess of gold and having the pivotal advantage of being easily recyclable.

Gold. Again. Better!


Dr. Mattia Usuelli is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Goold AG and is in charge of R&D and prototyping activities.

Goold AG Dr. Mattia