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Materials & Processes, Energy & Construction

ETH D-BAUG, Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK), Chair of Steel and Composite Structures.

We advance the digital transformation in the AEC industry by expanding the manners in which steel structures are designed, produced, assembled and tested.

Our research group deals with load-​bearing and building envelope structures made of steel, steel-​concrete-composite, light metal alloys and structural glass, with the aim of facilitating and improving the design and construction of sustainable, resource-​saving and aesthetically appealing buildings, bridges and other types of infrastructure. In order to advance the digital transformation in the field of structural engineering, we develop modern, simulation-​based design and verification procedures with the help of large-​scale experimental, numerical and probabilistic methods and introduce students to these approaches in our teaching. 

By using data-​driven methods for the determination of optimal structural design solutions, we develop more accurate and reliable predictive models for the various performance indicators of structural elements. We use data directly from production and from our large-scale testing facilities to inform and update our design models in “deep learning” algorithms. We apply the same methods to the optimization of 3D-printed (WAAM) joints for lightweight, free-form building envelops. 

Due to our strong connection to practice and international standardisation committees, we make sure to disseminate and integrate our research results directly into the construction and structural design industries.


IBK – Steel and Composite Structures Prof. Dr. Andreas Taras+41 / 44 633 4552taras@ibk.baug.ethz.ch