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Lock and Key Biosciences – Unlock your chemistry with inventive biology

We create molecules and chemical processes using a unique portfolio of enzymes with unprecedented reactivity and efficiency.

Chiral compounds are everywhere in our life, shaping our health and society. Making chiral molecules with excellent efficiency and selectivity, however, is not always easy.  Modern synthetic methods should, in addition, provide good energetic economy and harmless waste to satisfy the growing need for a sustainable chemical industry. These are the reasons why enzymes have turned into the best allies for the synthesis of chiral chemicals.​ ​Lock & Key Biosciences GmbH aims to empower the fine chemical industry with innovative and practical biocatalytic technologies of unprecedented reactivity and efficiency. We have gathered the skills and assets to rapidly transform cutting-edge discoveries into ready-to-use biocatalytic methods for chiral synthesis. We adapt and license our technologies to fit your specific needs, and we also conduct tailored biocatalytic syntheses. The abilities of our exclusive technologies are showcased in our portfolio of chiral products, available for purchase.  


Lock and Key Biosciences GmbH / Hilvert Group Xavier Garrabou+41 76 413 55