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Digitalisation, Energy & Construction

Build the impossible with augmented reality

Using computer vision and augmented reality to turn mobile devices into precision guidance tools for everything from home furniture assembly to full-scale construction projects.

Incon creates software to guide complex construction projects. Our apps for smartphones, tablets, and AR headsets take as input a CAD model of a structure to be built. The device locates and tracks the geometry of the structure during construction with millimeter-scale accuracy. Intuitive AR overlays convey all information needed for construction exactly where and when the builder needs it. The accuracy and contextual awareness of our tracking algorithms can guide assembly tasks without the need for manual measurements and automatically monitor task status and quality. This makes construction easier, less error prone, and enables completely new ways of building.

We are developing apps for both consumer and professional builders. Our consumer app turns normal smartphones into precision construction tools, guiding at-home furniture assembly and enabling creative construction projects. In professional applications, we develop application-specific guidance tools that can improve builder productivity, project management, and remove the need for 2d blueprints on the construction site. Our technology has already enabled the two largest constructions using AR guidance to date, and we are excited to see what you will create in the future.

Contact Timothy Sandy and Fadri Furrer+41 44 632 27 40hello@incon.ai