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Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency

Innosuisse supports science-based innovation projects conducted by industrial partners and private and public institutions jointly with a research partner in all subject areas.

Innosuisse promotes the partnership between academia and the market with innovation projects, networking, training and coaching, laying the groundwork for successful Swiss start-ups, products and services. Find the right support offer: 

Would you like to start an innovation project?

Innosuisse primarily funds innovation projects run jointly by companies and research institutions. SMEs can investigate the feasibility of their ideas with the innovation cheque. Innosuisse also funds high-risk projects with a high degree of innovation run by researchers who do not yet have a partner to implement the results of their project.

Would you like to set up a company?

Innosuisse provides targeted training courses to encourage an entrepreneurial approach among the next generation of researchers and businesspeople. In addition, experiences start-up coaches provide support to establish and develop a company and achieve lasting growth.

Are you looking for the right partner?

Experienced mentors can give SMEs help in setting up innovation projects and identifying a variety of funding instruments. 

Do you want to move into international markets or find partners abroad?

Start-ups have the opportunity to test their product or business model in camps abroad and to develop a local network. Innosuisse also gives companies easy access to international research networks and manages the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in Switzerland.


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