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Tracking dual-plane fluoroscopy

Tracking knee implants during challenging activites – LMB develops a unique tracking dual-plane fluoroscope

The Laboratory for Movement Biomechanics (LMB) focuses on the study of kinematics and kinetics in healthy, reconstructed and replaced joints. Through developing our unique dual-plane fluoroscope that is able to dynamically track subjects during challenging functional activities of daily living and capture high-speed, high-resolution bi-planar radiographic images, we aim to extract key information on each individual’s knee joint kinematics and performance. This approach thereby lays the foundation for understanding and monitoring not only degenerative changes that occur with musculoskeletal pathologies, but also the outcome of orthopaedic treatments and/or rehabilitation. Importantly, this novel technology will support the orthopaedic industry in gaining access to key parameters of implant performance in vivo, towards supporting the development of next generation components. This approach additionally provides high quality experimental data for driving computational modelling techniques, and thereby enables encompassing approaches to support clinical decision-​making in the fields of trauma, sports medicine, and orthopaedics, but also opens perspectives on the objective assessment of both medical technologies and therapies alike.


Laboratory for Movement Biomechanics Prof. Bill Taylor+41 44 633 05