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Materials & Processes, Energy & Construction

Liquid-borne functional nanomaterials

We synthesize and study novel colloidal nanomaterials with application-specific optimal structure and properties.

The Chemistry and Materials Design group is newly established laboratory at the Institute for Electronics, pursuing use-inspired chemical engineering and materials science projects. Our approach is to look onto modern technologies from materials point of view. Our mission is to develop novel nanomaterials and to enable sustainable fabrication approaches of high-performing memory, catalysis, thermoelectrics, and energy-storage devices. We focus on template-free colloidal nanomaterials, such as semiconductor quantum dots, metallic nanoparticles, and molecular precursors, particularly on robust synthetic approaches and structural characterization of these nanomaterials. Our goal is to establish the structure-property-performance relationships for these nanomaterials and employ them as building blocks for various devices, engineered via bottom-up liquid-phase fabrication approaches.


Chemistry and Materials Design Group Prof. Dr. Maksym Yarema+41 44 633 85