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Lock and Key Biosciences

Engineered proteins with tailored function and structure are key to unlock diverse problems in chemistry, biology, and medicine. Harnessing these proficient tools to enable innovation is our speciality.

Lock and Key Biosciences offers products and services based on the custom engineering and expression of proteins. Recently, we have expanded our interests towards issues encountered in protein production itself.

Across life sciences, we are faced with many challenges when it comes to expressing novel proteins for research or therapeutic purposes. As protein engineers, we have seen it all – aggregation, degradation, toxicity, non-native folding – all of which hamper our progress, and require a significant investment of time and resources to overcome. While many tools exist to help solve these problems, we envisioned a new molecular partner, the ProteoShell, that can solve your expression issues, boost yields and ultimately reduce this bottleneck in your projects. In addition, the ProteoShell enables protein purification without need for expensive beads or chromatographic steps, and serves as a protecting environment for your proteins in harsh conditions.

We are currently expanding the implementation of ProteoShell as protein expression assistant in research laboratories across Europe. In the near future, we will expand its purview of applications towards i.a. industrial protein production and biocatalysis.


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