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Low Power Radars and Smart Sensors for Next of Energy Efficient Intelligent IoT and Wearable Devices

SmartWear bring to the market a revolutionaty human-to-machine touch-less interface in the form of a miniaturized gesture recognition system embedded in a set of earbuds.

SmartWear proposes an innovative gesture recognition system based on novel, low-power, short-range Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar sensors, targeting the market of consumer electronics with a focus on battery operated, low-power devices, which pose the most challenging setting due to the extremely limited resources available.

Radar-based gesture recognition is self-contained, does not require any external device to be worn or used other than the hands/body of the user, and, as we were able to show, can be used in battery-operated devices when combined with power-efficient signal processing.

We plan to showcase the technology we developed in a set of earbuds. This choice allows us to demonstrate that our technology fits the extremely limited resources of this system, and at the same time how gesture-recognition can enhance and innovate the device and improve the user experience. In fact, current earbuds have a very limited set of functionalities that forces the user to reach to their phone for basic tasks (e.g. changing the volume). The uniqueness of our solution is to bring a novel sensor technology and miniaturized design together with unique algorithmic innovation as enablers for low-power gesture recognition, allowing the use in battery-operated devices for hours.

Moreover Smart Wear is working on smart glasses, smart watched and other wearable and it is proposing contactless vital signs monitoring based on radars and sensor fusion combining Tiny Machine Learning algorithms. Finally Smartwear is investigating more application where energy efficient, non-contact sensing’s, low power radars tiny machine learning, is crucial. 


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