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Robotics & AI

Mantis Technologies - Visual danger detection for autonomous ropeways

Mantis Technologies uses intelligent camera systems to enable safe, autonomous ropeways.

More and more means of transport are becoming autonomous. What about ropeways?

Mantis Technologies is an ETH Spin-Off that uses 3D cameras paired with Artificial Intelligence to detect dangerous situations at ropeway stations and trigger an emergency stop if necessary. Using our smart algorithms, ropeway operators such as ski resorts can increase their safety standards and save costs. 

A prototype of our camera system has been successfully tested this past winter season in Davos. For the coming season, we will broaden our testing operations to 10 ski resorts, where our system will support employees with an audiovisual signal. We are targeting a go-to-market in 2022.



Mantis Technologies Joël Bachmann+4179 737 67