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Manufacturing & Materials

Ultra Low-Noise Femtosecond Lasers

MENHIR-1550 — An ultrafast laser that’s as precise and reliable as a Swiss timepiece

Menhir Photonics designs, develops, and manufactures ultrafast pulsed lasers with the lowest phase noise on the market. Their products find application in all the research and high-end industrial applications requiring ultra-low phase noise combined with high reliability. The MENHIR-1550 SERIES is the first femtosecond laser at 1550 nm with GHz repetition-rate reaching the industrial-quality required by our customers. Contact us to discuss about your application and needs.


After completing my PhD in experimental physics, I decided to open my horizon. I joined Menhir Photonics last year to help to spread the world about the qualities of the Menhir Photonics products. Chat with me to discover what photonics and reliable can enable!

Menhir Photonics AG Edgar Fernandes+41 61 331 45 49sales@menhir-photonics.com