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Materials & Processes, Health & Nutrition, Digitalisation

Actuatable Microscale Structures

At Mesoscopic Systems, we design micro- and nanoscale magnetic systems for a range of novel applications. Here we display our microscale machines actuated with a magnetic field.

At Mesoscopic Systems, we design micro- and nanoscale magnetic systems that can be implemented in devices for data, communications, sensors and actuators, which are important for a wide range of industry sectors including computing, transport and biomedical.

Here we display our recently developed micromachines, which are interesting for biomedical applications, such as targeted drug delivery, biopsies, and stenting. These require mechanical motion and shape transformations of the micromachines at the small scale, so that they can interact with and manipulate small objects. Our micromachines are also interesting for intelligent microsystems beyond biomedical, including microfluidics, micro/nano robots, moveable micromirrors, switchable surface wetting, and smart photonic metamaterials where the optical properties can be tuned. 

We incorporate arrays of nanomagnets in our micromachines, so that we can encode multiple shape transformations that are actuated by a magnetic field. The shape transformations are programmed by applying a specific sequence of magnetizing fields. As a demonstration, we have constructed a microscale bird that can flap, hover, turn and side-​slip. 


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