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Improving mental training using a new form of neurofeedback

MindMetrix offers a novel way to improve mental training via an innovative pupil-based neurofeedback approach.

Optimal sports performance does not only rely on physical training, but also on mental preparation. How well an athlete performs in high-pressure situations depends on the brain’s stress system. Despite the importance of the brain’ stress system, monitoring and training its activity in real-world environments and in real-time is still challenging. Available methods to measure brain activity are usually cost- and resource-intensive measurements of the brain that can only be performed by experts. Additionally, current approaches to modulate the brain’s stress system are limited to drugs that are prone to adverse side-effects. Alternative approaches including bio- or neurofeedback often rely on readouts such as heart rate variability which need appliance of additional sensors to the skin and have to be measured over rather long time intervals of multiple seconds to minutes. MindMetrix developed a novel neurofeedback approach, called myFlow, that overcomes the limitations of above methods. MyFlow allows for efficient training of the brain’s stress system by estimating and training the user to self-regulate his/her brain’s stress levels via simple measurements of the eyes’s pupil in quasi real-time using off-the-shelf VR hardware. This approach thereby provides real-time access to a physiological marker of the brain’s stress system. The myFlow training software can be used on any eye-tracking capable VR-device to potentially improve mental training and preparation via online neurofeedback without the need of an expert.


The brain behind the technological advancements of myFlow is Marc Bächinger. As a systems neuroscientist, with programming expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit, he leads the project team of MindMetrix and puts visions into practice.

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