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Simplify your AI Journey

We make artificial intelligence easy to use so that your team can build and deploy state-of-the-art solutions right away.

Artificial intelligence is growing fully commercialized, bringing about profound changes to all industries. From finance, to healthcare and industry, AI is being deployed in an increasingly wide range of applications. Early adopters of AI technology are ramping up their AI investments, launching ever more initiatives, and getting positive returns. 

Modulos AutoML is a new generation of automated machine learning. It is based on the idea that AI should be a tool used throughout modern enterprises and wielded not only by experts. Rather than handing off the task of building AI systems for new or existing use cases to difficult to recruit ML engineers, AutoML allows teams to add state-of-the-art AI capability to their applications via an easy to use interface.

AutoML allows users to take the strategic approach of automating what machines do best and thus freeing humans from repetitive tasks to capitalize on their judgement and creativity.

To meet the security and privacy needs of companies, AutoML can furthermore be deployed anywhere – whether in a virtual private cloud or an air-gapped, secure machine. Users can therefore place AutoML within their own secure environments and never send out sensitive data either to a public cloud or to Modulos.


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