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Manufacturing & Materials

We Boost Industrial 3D Printing with New Materials

At NematX, we develop new materials & manufacturing processes to solve tomorrow's technical & societal challenges - from deep sea to outer space.

NematX AG is an ETH spin-off incorporated in April 2020. Our goal is to accelerate industrial 3D printing with new materials in order to reach performance and precision levels required for industrial production. As the pioneering company to introduce liquid crystal polymers for 3D printing we can provide our customers competitive & sustainable production solutions for the highest performing polymer products that survive in the harsh application environments. We target different industrial sectors with a demand for complex-shaped technical parts in low to medium volumes, including space & aerospace, electronics, precision mechanics, vacuum & chemical and long term also medical markets.  


CEO & Co-Founder

NematX AG Raphael Heeb+41 44 633 98