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Towards net-zero concrete

Cement and concrete production emits about 7% of global CO2 emissions. Neustark commercializes technologies which return this CO2 into concrete, by storing it permanently in the construction material.

To stop climate change, green house has emissions have to go to net-zero, meaning all emissions which cannot be avoided have to be removed from the atmosphere and stored permanently. Neustark enables such a net-zero economy in the construction sector. We currently commission our first technology generation in Bern, which stores CO2 in demolition concrete – which is afterwards recycled as concrete aggregate to fresh concrete. The CO2 is sourced from a biogenic source. Through this, not only CO2 is stored, but concrete can also be batched with a lower cement content.
Our ambition is to manufacture concrete, which embodies all CO2 emissions emitted along the manufacturing value chain – in order to be truly net-zero. This ambition will be met with our 2nd generation technology, which allows to cut the emission of concrete towards net zero. 


Neustark AG Johannes