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NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies

Accelerate translational research by providing key technologies and state-of-the-art expertise

NEXUS is built around interdisciplinary technology units that are staffed with professional scientists. Currently, NEXUS encompasses two units – Theragnostics Discovery and Clinical Bioinformatics.

The Theragnostics Discovery Unit provides state-​of-the-art robotic screening, analytic technologies, chemical libraries and genome-​scale gene manipulation tools. The team comprises scientists from different disciplines ranging from biology and chemistry to engineering. They provide their integrated expertise to assist the research community in pursuit of innovative projects related to chemical hit identification, lead development and molecular circuit analyses.

The Clinical Bioinformatics Unit provides computational expertise to process and manage large-​scale heterogeneous data. Its scientists offer support in ‘omics’ and statistical data analyses as well as software development and and data management. They work cooperatively with the research community towards developing solutions for the integration of ‘omics’ data and clinical information. An example project is the development of decision support systems for oncologists, which are based on the analysis of genome sequencing data of patient tumor samples.


NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies Nora Toussaint+41446322164toussaint@nexus.ethz.ch