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No-Touch Robotics – Gripping Objects Without Touching Them

We develop the next generation of contactless robotic grippers for damage- and contamination-free handling of fragile components and fluids.

No-Touch Robotics is a pioneer in contactless robotic gripping. Based on acoustic forces, our technology enables the handling and manipulation of small and fragile components completely without touching them. Target applications are in the areas of micromechanics, watchmaking, micro optics, and the semiconductor industry. By automating manual processes for which no suitable conventional (contact-based) robotic gripper exists, costs can be reduced by up to 90 %. Our gripper operates entirely damage free, which reduces rejects and waste, thereby improving the environmental footprint. As there is no particle generation caused by mechanical contact, our solution is also suitable for cleanroom environments. The same gripper can be used for a variety of different object shapes, which greatly reduces set-up time. Retrofitting of existing automation equipment is possible by exchanging conventional grippers with our No-Touch solution. 

Our technology can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry for precise dosing and handling of chemicals without cross-contamination. This enables, for example, contactless pipetting without the need for disposable plastic tips. Hazardous substances can be processed without getting into contact with production equipment.  

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