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Oxyle - Nanocatalyst-driven Advanced Water Treatment

Oxyle provides an efficient wastewater treatment technology that eliminates >95% of persistent and toxic organic pollutants from effluents, in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Oxyle’s vision is to be a global key partner in providing sustainable and efficient wastewater treatment. We are witnessing an alarming contamination of surface, groundwater and drinking water ecosystems with highly persistent, mobile, and toxic micropollutants such as antibiotics, hormones, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals etc.  To combat this global crisis Oxyle has developed novel wastewater treatment reactors capable of destroying over 95% of a wide variety of these toxic micropollutants from wastewater effluents, including the highly persistent compounds that are resistant to existing treatments. In contrast to existing technologies, our green approach is highly efficient, cost competitive, scalable, uses clean energy sources, and imposes a low carbon footprint. We will provide modular reactors of varying sizes to meet the cleaning requirements of various customer segments including pharmaceutical companies, food & beverage companies, chemical and agrochemical companies, hospitals, and eventually even households. 


CEO, co-founder

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