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The next generation of brain oxygen measurement for preterm infants

Too little oxygen in the brain can lead to death or life-long disabilities. OxyPrem is specially designed for the most fragile of all patient groups: preterm children.

OxyPrem AG is a medical device manufacturer with roots at the University Hospital Zurich. We specialize in equipment to monitor oxygen levels in human tissue. 

Our flagship product is the brain oxygenation sensor OxyPrem 1.4. It has specifically been designed for preterm children, taking into account the delicate physiological environment in these patients. Because of their underdeveloped lungs and of the brain’s vulnerability to an insufficient oxygen supply, they have a high risk of early death or life-long disabilities when the brain is undersupplied with oxygen. Treatment is easy to do; however, the challenge is in having high-quality monitoring equipment that works well in the special conditions of these tiny babies.  

Following many years of R&D, the OxyPrem 1.4 sensor meets these criteria. It is non-invasive, robust, and precise, and it is now used in 25+ hospitals across seven European countries and India. It obtained the CE mark in September 2019.   

The company thrives on its strong team of 11 professionals and support by renowned organizations like Venture Kick, Wyss Zurich, the European Union, the Uniscientia Foundation, and the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship. Currently, steps for broad market entry in 2022 are taken.  


OxyPrem AG Alexander Nitsch +41 43 508 34 82info@oxyprem.com